Person installing laminate flooring
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The One Crucial Thing You Should Do Before Installing Laminate Floors
Laminate flooring is affordable and durable. It mimics hardwood beautifully; however, it must be acclimated before being installed to avoid warping due to temperature or humidity.
Acclimating the laminate boards entails letting them sit for 48 to 72 hours to ensure they've fully adjusted to your home's humidity levels and won't shrink, expand, or buckle.
Place your boards in their original packaging in the center of the room where you’ll be installing them, making sure not to set them upright or they could bend out of shape.
Set the humidity level between 35% and 65% and the temperature between 63 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit to allow the boards to become accustomed to the correct environment.
Finally, never acclimate laminate flooring in a freshly painted or plastered room, as this will affect the humidity level. Also, test the subfloor beforehand to make sure it’s dry.