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The One Product You Should Never Use On Your Towels
Towels can last up to five years if properly taken care of, and some things that ruin your towels are too much detergent, hot water, and the ultimate culprit, fabric softener. If you want soft, fluffy towels, you should avoid this product.
Fabric softener takes away the softness of your towels and thwarts their ability to absorb water, which makes the towel’s material hard and scratchy. Because of this, it also shouldn’t be used on swimsuits or athletic wear, and it can even ruin the flameproof fabric found in kids' clothes, decreasing their ability to protect against fire.
Instead of using fabric softener, use white vinegar to keep your towels fluffy and strip them of the soapy residue that causes stiffness. Baking soda is another great alternative since it’s a natural fabric softener that also neutralizes foul odors, and all you need to do is add 1 cup of baking soda to your washing machine after putting in your clothes and detergent.