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The One Smelly Garbage Hack You've Been Missing Your Whole Life
No matter how secure your trash bin lid is, a nasty smell can still develop. When organisms decompose the waste in your trash, chemicals and gases are released into the air, so the longer your trash sits, the more it gets broken down, and the smellier your house gets.
While changing the trash bag frequently and washing the receptacle with soap and water is an excellent start to keeping out the stench, there’s an easier hack that will get rid of the smell once and for all, and all you need is bread and vinegar. Pour a little vinegar over a slice of bread until it's damp, and then drop it into the bottom of your trash can.
Let the damp bread sit overnight, then replace the trash can with a fresh bag, and we guarantee you’ll notice a difference immediately. Vinegar is great at eliminating odors, because it contains acetic acid, which bonds to volatile molecules, like the ones in your trash bin.