Close-up of a cut old branch of a plum tree. Seasonal rejuvenating and sanitary pruning of trees.
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The One Time It's Okay To Trim A Neighbor's Tree
Dealing with a neighbor's tree encroaching into your garden can pose challenges. Knowing your rights and responsibilities is essential for effectively addressing the issue.
Initiating a conversation with your neighbor should be the first step. Approach them respectfully, highlighting the issues you're facing and suggesting potential solutions.
The tree owner is responsible for pruning, but you have the right to trim overgrown branches up to the property line. Avoid discarding debris on your neighbor's property.
For large or high-risk branches, hiring a qualified arborist is advised as they can assess the situation and provide expert advice. Keep any relevant documentation for reference.
If communication fails, seeking legal counsel may be necessary. Document interactions and take photos of overhanging branches to support your case in legal proceedings.