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The Only Colors You Should Paint Your Outdoor Shed, Per
An Expert
By RITA KUEBER has some ideas for applying
the best paint colors for an outdoor shed. The outlet consulted with experts and representatives from several major paint companies.
The experts said that green is a vibrant, attractive shade because anything from herby sage or basil to a bright Kelly green can work with the surrounding landscape.
A neutral gray will blend into the background of many environments. Use a lighter shade for a flatter look and use a darker gray for higher optical impact.
Blue is also a good choice since lighter blues visually fade into the sky. Darker blues — such as navy — flatten houses painted white, beige, or gray.
Paint and color gurus point to vibrant red for an eye-popping exterior. Use red, they urge, especially if you love color but don't want a lot of it in your house.
Another high-impact combination is black and white, as this combo can be as intricate or simple as you want. Consider a white shed with black trim, or a black shed with white trim.