Granite kitchen countertop
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The Overlay Trick That Breathes New Life Into Your Kitchen Countertops
Kitchen countertops often experience high wear and tear and can be expensive to replace entirely. Instead, look into alternatives that will be easier on your wallet.
Countertop overlays involve independent contractors placing pre-cut, 13-millimeter thick slabs of quartz or granite on top of your countertops without demolishing them.
Total costs depend on the material used. Granite is a natural stone, while quartz is primarily natural, with some manufactured stone added to make it more durable.
Overlays need a sturdy base; you may want to use your existing counters underneath. It won’t change the layout or shape of your countertops as it’s not a remodel.
Laminate countertops cost about $35 per square foot and are easy to DIY. There are endless options that are durable against stains and scratching.
Use contact cement to apply the laminate for the longest-lasting results (over a decade with proper installation). Cheaper peel-and-stick options will last a few years.
Sand down your countertops to remove any gloss or paint before applying contact cement to the underside of the laminate. Place it over the counters and use caulk to seal any seams.