A person painting a wall with gray paint
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The Paint Finish You’ll Want To Consider When Using Darker Shades
Matte-finished paints present the best choice for darker colors, which, when rendered with too much glossiness and reflection, can lose their rich level of depth.
Matte finish paints allow dark colors to stay deep and hide more wall imperfections than gloss or satin finishes.
While lighter matte may sometimes show more damage if your walls are in bad shape, the darker the paint, the less likely that the damage will be visible.
For matte paintings with dark colors, use the right tools, brushes, and quality paints. Plan for multiple coats to
get full coverage, allowing
each coat to dry fully.
Proper lighting in whichever room you use darker shades is also crucial. The matte finish will absorb more light than a gloss, so factor
that in with your lighting.