Dirty oven rack
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The Pantry Staple That'll Do Wonders For Your Dirty Oven Racks
Oven racks can be challenging to clean, but leaving them dirty can create foul odors from food and grease residue getting reheated. Use cornstarch and hot water to get them clean.
Deep cleaning with cornstarch and water every couple of months can help prevent damaging the racks and setting off the fire alarm from the burning smell of stuck-on grease.
Combine ½ cup of cornflour and hot water in a bowl until a thick paste forms. Cover the racks with the paste and leave on for 10 minutes before wiping them down with a cloth.
Alternatively, fill your sink with ½ cup of cornflour and hot water. Dip one side of the rack into the water and swish it, scrubbing as needed before repeating on the other side.
Use the cornflour solution on pans, pots, and rangehood filters; however, it should only be used on stainless steel appliances to prevent damaging other materials.