Young woman potting plants in her city garden.
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The Planting Technique That Wipes Out Your Garden's Pest Problem
Small critters are drawn to meticulously manicured gardens; however, allowing grass and shrubs to grow out can intimidate pests, reducing the likelihood of invasion.
Overgrown gardens pose a threat to pests as they offer hiding spots for creatures like snakes, bees, and even humans. Additionally, tall grass serves as a physical barrier.
Planting generic, low-value plants around the borders and edges of your garden can also help fill insects up before they make their way to your treasured plants and flowers.
Incorporating strongly-scented plants, such as lavender or mint, can repel pests as well. However, since mint is highly invasive, grow it in jars and place them around your garden.
Lastly, consider growing companion plants, like marigolds and basil, as they not only have insect-repelling properties but also possess the ability to attract pollinators.