Multicolored pool noodles
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The Pool Noodle Funnel Trick Really Does Guarantee Easy Cleaning
By attaching a pool noodle to their faucet, @hometalk on TikTok funnels water from their kitchen sink into a bucket without spilling a drop. We tested it to see if it worked.
We pushed the pool noodle upward toward the spout's curve to keep the water from spraying out and put the other end in the bucket on the floor in front of the sink.
We turned the sink on slowly, and water dribbled down the tube and into our bucket. With things looking good, we turned on the cold water all the way.
When the bucket was nearly full, we turned off the faucet and waited a moment before removing the pool noodle to ensure all the water had drained out.
Cleaning up was easy since you can store the noodle in a walk-in pantry or nearby closet with your other cleaning supplies for easy access when you need it.