Propagating a plant in a glass jar
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The Pool Noodle Hack For Keeping Stagnant Plant Water Fresh For Days
To propagate a plant, you need to place a cutting inside a glass jar filled with water, but the stagnant water can get dirty fast and become filled with bacteria.
Simply cut a 1 to 2 inch slice out of a pool noodle and make a split in the disk to lay the clipping inside it to keep the stagnant water fresh for longer.
Once the plant is surrounded by the pool noodle, place it in the top of the glass jar with the bottom facing downward into the water.
TikToker anti.antropology found that the jar with
a pool noodle had significantly more roots and no bacteria growth, even after about three weeks.
Since the pool noodle blocks the lid's mouth, it allows less air and bacteria to get in, but still allows for some airflow, keeping the lower leaves on the cutting from rotting.