Multicolored pool noodles on concrete
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The Pool Noodle Hack That Can Save You Money On A Couch
Pool noodles have been on the rise in the DIY community due to their versatility. With this hack, you can even use them to create a quirky, customizable, and budget-friendly couch.
Before gathering your materials, decide how big you want your sofa to be to determine exactly how many wooden boards, 2x2s, pool noodles, and yards of fabric you will need.
Use two rectangular boards to serve as the base, and frame them using 2x2s to form the main support. Then, employ more 2x2s to build your desired height, backboard, and armrests.
After the base is completed, cut your pool noodles lengthwise and attach them to the base by stapling fabric around them. Continue this process until the entire couch is covered.
To save both time and money, you can use salvaged wooden pallets or thrifted fabric scraps to form the base and upholster the couch using the same method described previously.