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The Pool Noodle Hack That Makes Hang-Drying Laundry A Breeze
Pool noodles are a fun, perfect way to keep your clothes smooth while air-drying, and only cost a few bucks, which makes this hack as affordable as it is simple.
Cut the pool noodle lengthwise, and gently slip it over the poles of the drying rack to create a padded, rounded surface to prevent clothes from creasing or wrinkling as they dry.
Be sure to cut the ends of the noodle to perfectly fit whatever size rack you're working with. For an average clothesline, however, you won’t need to include this step.
To try this method on a clothesline, cut the noodle "hot-dog style" using a boxcutter and slide it over the line, which will be ideal for items that don’t fit on a drying rack.