Assorted pool noodles in orange, yellow, green, and purple colors
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The Pool Noodle Hack That Will Make Climbing A Ladder A Treat
Those who spend a lot of time on ladders know the persistent discomfort that accompanies the task. Thankfully, relief can be found with the help of a DIY pool noodle cushion.
Pool noodles are made from a soft, lightweight foam that absorbs pressure, and their durability allows for sustained usage without losing their shape or cushioning effect.
Plus, they're waterproof, but best of all is their affordability and ubiquity. All you need to turn pool noodles into ladder cushions is a utility knife and measuring tape.
Measure the length of the ladder rungs, and add an extra inch for rungs with a prominent curve. Cleanly cut the pool noodle into sections that fit the rungs, using a utility knife.
Make a lengthwise slit along each section, so that they snugly wrap around the rungs. Only cut halfway into the foam so the material does not split in half.
Wrap the foam around each rung that might make contact with your shins or thighs. Do not step or stand on the cushioned ladder rungs, since they will compromise your stability.