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The Popular Garden Plant That Pairs Well With Daylilies
Finding a companion plant that can tolerate the intensity and rapid growth of daylilies can be challenging. Luckily, hostas pair beautifully
with them.
Hostas are a type of plant species noted for their beautiful, lush foliage. Numerous varieties exist, and they also contribute flowers of light shades like white or soft purple.
Daylilies and hostas both benefit from the same basic nutrients and soil conditions. Most notably, hostas are partial shade plants and do well filling in spaces around daylilies.
Both plants are hardy and easy to grow, creating a stunning display side by side. They are also both perennials and can bring beautiful color and foliage to your garden for years.
Hostas and daylilies both benefit from moist, acidic soil that drains well. To support this, add several inches of organic matter like compost to the soil before planting.
Plant daylilies as much as a foot into the ground, depending on the size of the bulb or root system. For hostas, create a hole that's 1 ½ times the width of the rootball.
Neither hostas nor daylilies are hard to maintain. Conduct a soil test every few years, improve nutrient levels as needed, and monitor the daylilies for proper watering.