Monarch butterfly perched on a zinnia
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The Popular Herb That Zinnias Love To Be Planted Next To
Zinnias are low maintenance and fantastic bloomers; however, they require extra help when it comes to pollination — a problem that can be solved by planting them next to basil.
Basil draws in pollinators necessary to support zinnia’s blooms, often extending its blooming season. Place both in your vegetable garden to add color and promote healthy crops.
Both prefer full sun for six to eight hours a day and well-draining, organic-based soil. If there’s too much moisture, though, the two plants are susceptible to mildew and fungus.
The variety Zinnia elegans is usually the top choice for statement blooms and thrives alongside basil, but be sure to research the needs of your specific variety before planting.
Both can be planted in late spring and grown from either seeds or starter plants. Zinnias need 6 inches of spacing while basil needs 4-8 inches, making them good for box planting.