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The Popular IKEA Item That Will Increase Storage Space In Your Kitchen
Many homeowners have been praising IKEA's BILLY bookcase system, particularly the tall slender model for its adaptability and budget-friendly pricing as a pantry solution.
The BILLY bookshelf can be purchased with or without a glass door for a price between $50 and $110, making it a perfect inexpensive solution for your food storage needs.
The Oxberg doored model, which features a glass pane for the top shelves and hidden storage below, makes a perfectly pretty pantry, allowing you to both highlight and hide items.
The shelves measure 15 ¾ inches across and 11 ¾ inches deep, so any pantry organization products will fit easily, and they are sturdy enough for your heaviest kitchen essentials.
Use a single BILLY unit in a tight spot like an unused corner or place them in a row for a more spacious pantry. You can even paint the BILLY to match your kitchen’s color scheme.