Washing machine leaking soap in laundry room
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The Potential Drawbacks Of Using Powder Laundry Detergent
One important thing to consider when doing laundry is what type of detergent to use. While powder detergent can be budget-friendly, it can actually damage your washing machine.
Powder soaps are meant to dissolve in water, but not every type does. Any undissolved soap can leave blobs behind that may affect the machine’s functionality by blocking its pump.
If you still want to use powder detergent, store it in a dry area, especially if it's contained in a cardboard box. Humidity can cause the soap to clump inside the box.
Avoid adding these soap clumps to a load as they may not dissolve during the wash. Prevent clumps by storing the soap in an air-tight container to prevent any exposure to moisture.
Another tip to help prevent buildup in a top load washing machine is to add the detergent, start the wash cycle, and let it run for a few minutes before tossing in your laundry.