A zero-turn lawn mower
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The Power Of Zero-Turn Mowers And What To Know Before You Buy
Zero-turn mowers mark a significant leap forward in lawn care technology, offering unmatched maneuverability and efficiency for large yards with complex landscaping.
They excel at making quick, sharp turns and can pivot on a zero-degree radius, allowing homeowners to smoothly navigate around obstacles like trees, shrubs, and flower beds.
This capability simplifies the mowing process and drastically cuts down the time needed to maintain large lawns. However, it comes at a higher cost than traditional riding mowers.
It's crucial to remember a few things before making a purchase. For example, if your property includes hills or rough terrain, select a model with an advanced suspension system.
Moreover, these mowers use dual-lever controls instead of a steering wheel, which might take some getting used to. Start slow and avoid sudden turns during the initial days.
Also, look for features that enhance comfort and safety, such as ample legroom, cupholders, storage compartments, roll-over protection, retractable seatbelts, and LED headlights.