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The Precise
Way To Clean
A Keurig
Remove Parts
For your safety, unplug the Keurig before you begin cleaning and detach any removable parts 30 minutes after your last brew. Remove the tray your mug sits on, the pod holder, the water reservoir, and its lid.
Wash The Parts
It’s best to hand wash the removable parts with a regular, soapy dish sponge and hot water to avoid damage in the dishwasher. Use the scrubby side of the sponge to clean coffee buildup off the tray, and make sure to let your reservoir air dry so lint doesn’t stick to the inside.
Wipe The Outside
Use a sponge or paper towel with soapy water to gently wipe the outside of your Keurig, especially the touch screen or underneath where the coffee comes out. Use a small brush dipped in vinegar to scrub away coffee grounds that collect around the pod opening.
Pour Vinegar In
Descaling your Keurig is vital for removing calcium deposits and should be done every three to six months. A simple way to do this is by pouring plain white vinegar or Keurig’s descaling solution into your reservoir until it is half full then filling the remaining space with water.
After pouring vinegar and water into your reservoir, place a mug on the tray, run the Keurig a few times, and dump out the liquid in your cup after each cycle. When the vinegar-water mixture is almost gone, let it sit for a few hours before repeating the descaling process one final time.