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The Prettiest Philodendron Plants To Bring Into Your Home
Heartleaf Philodendron
The heartleaf philodendron gets its name from the heart-shaped leaves it produces. It can grow up to 4 feet long, making it perfect for decorating bookshelves, tables, and walls.
To promote a fuller appearance, trim the top of this charming vine during its early stages and maintain moist conditions by lightly spraying water on its leaves a few times daily.
Congo Rojo
"Rojo" means red in Spanish, and the Congo Rojo earns its name from the red accents on its leaves and stem, which contrast beautifully with its green shades.
This non-vining plant grows uniformly, reaching about 2 feet in both width and height. It flourishes in well-draining, acidic to neutral soil and prefers partial to full shade.
Philo Birkin
The Philo Birkin is known for its captivating green leaves adorned with distinctive white stripes, making it an eye-catching addition
to any space.
This plant prefers full to partial shade and needs occasional watering to prevent dehydration. However, keep it away from pets and children, as it contains toxic
calcium oxalate.
Philodendron Pink Princess
The enchanting Philodendron Pink Princess features green leaves splashed with varying shades of pink, ranging from dark hues to pastels.
To maintain the pink coloration of the leaves, provide it with six hours of indirect light daily. Although this variety grows as a vine, it’s often trimmed for a
fuller appearance.
Philodendron Laciniatum
Philodendron laciniatum, a climbing plant with uniquely shaped leaves, prefers humid areas, filtered light, and requires daily watering but is susceptible to root rot.