Drew and Jonathan Scott smiling.
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The Property Brothers Always Avoid This Outdated Window Feature
Window bars, or burglar bars, are metal bars attached to the outside of windows with the primary purpose of preventing break-ins, typically on the ground floor of
a home.
However, this window feature is no longer as necessary as it used to be and is seen as old-fashioned by Drew and Jonathan Scott, also known as the Property Brothers.
Coming in various styles, these bars are functional and aesthetic. However, they're now outdated, as homes today are designed to have an open flow and can be secured in other ways.
Window bars even pose safety risks by preventing any exit or entry in the case of an emergency, and they bring down a home's value because they communicate that the area is unsafe.
You can opt for security mesh screen and window film, automatic window locks, bullet- and shatter-proof glass, or security systems that let you digitally monitor your home instead.