Woman on ladder reaching high cabinet
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The Property Brothers Explain Why A Ladder Belongs In
Your Kitchen
HGTV's "The Property Brothers" showed off an ingenious solution for getting at hard-to-reach cabinets and other spaces in your kitchen, using a very cool library-style ladder.
The rolling ladder is more stylish than traditional stepladders. It’s also functional, helping you reach your cabinets safely, and hooked varieties can be moved around as needed.
If you install one in your kitchen, ensure the support rail is attached securely to a wall or a solid wood cabinet so it can support the weight of the ladder and the person on it.
You’ll also need to consider the type of counters and cabinets your kitchen has when choosing a ladder, as it must allow easy passage between it and other counters or an island.
Allow plenty of top clearance wherever the ladder is used, and make sure its movement won’t be impeded by protruding elements like appliance knobs, hardware, and fixtures.
Alternatively, you can have a custom unit built by places like Hafele, which will take into account all the necessary requirements, or buy a ready-to-install ladder from Lowe's.