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The Property Brothers' Kitchen Cabinet Update That's Budget-Friendly
In an episode of HGTV's "The Property Brothers," co-host Jonathan Scott opted for frameless cabinets and saved the client $10,000 based on the kitchen size and cabinets needed.
Frameless cabinets provide more space than framed cabinets and generally take less time to install. They also offer a sleek, modern design perfect for a contemporary kitchen.
These cabinets lack frames that make cabinets sturdier when hinges are attached to the frame rather than the box. So, you can expect lower prices, but it isn't a given.
You will save costs on frameless cabinets only by getting them from the right source, so shop with standard brands and providers like IKEA instead of upscale, luxury ones.
However, never sacrifice affordability for quality. Ensure the cabinets have quality materials and are well-constructed, as they don't have added frames for support.
You should also find first-rate hardware for the cabinets. The Property Brothers added brushed-gold door pulls and knobs, which boosted the chic effect of the cabinet’s color.