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The Property Brothers Reveal Two Colors You Should Never Paint Walls
The color of your walls can either positively or negatively impact you — for instance, green walls correspond to a sense of calmness and productivity, while yellow inspires a sense of creativity. There are a couple of colors HGTV's "Property Brothers" recommend avoiding to make your home more appealing.
The Property Brothers suggest staying away from mellow yellow as this specific shade is similar to the color of butter and can make a home feel dated. Paint over your yellow walls with classic blues, greys, bright corals, and even greens, so your home can radiate calm and modern vibes.
Angry red is often found in '90s homes, but it's a color the brothers recommend painting over because this shade of red is often unsettling and associated with blood red. Instead, paint your walls a light grey, beige, muted greens, dusty pink, or even crisp white for an elegant and versatile room.