Drew and Jonathan Scott, better known as the Property Brothers, posing together for a photograph
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The Property Brothers Say To Think Twice About This Kitchen Feature
The Property Brothers, HGTV stars and renowned home design and renovation experts, have cautioned homeowners about the inclusion of kitchen peninsulas in their houses.
"This closes off the flow to the kitchen so bad. I hate, hate, hate, peninsulas," one of the brothers opined in Season 14, Episode 17 of their show "Property Brothers."
Echoing the brothers’ sentiment, Katie Simpson, a senior interior designer at Mackenzie Collier Interiors, pointed out that peninsulas restrict movement around them.
"The biggest disadvantage of a peninsula is that it doesn't allow movement all the way around it, which can make them more prone to traffic jams," she told Real Homes.
Even TikTokers are getting tired of this kitchen feature. User Alyssa Milagros posted a video sharing her desire to remove her peninsula, with commenters encouraging her to do it.