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The Pros And Cons Of Adding Garden Pebbles To Your Yard
While most people use rocks or mulch to finish their garden’s landscaping, pebbles also make an excellent choice as they come with a number of benefits.
Garden pebbles can protect the soil from erosion and excessive sunlight, provide a safe and sturdy walkway, and reduce the amount
of cost you have for replacement materials.
These small pebbles also help prevent weeds from growing in the area and will remain in place longer than mulch, saving you the effort of needing to replace it often.
As pebbles don’t retain water like mulch, you’re less likely to attract insects like termites to your garden and potentially
risk your home.
However, garden pebbles do have some drawbacks. These rocks can cost two to three times as much as a similar amount of mulch.
Since the garden pebbles are not organic materials, any fallen leaves or dead plants will be far more noticeable inside the rocked areas versus inside mulched areas.
Additionally, some plants don't do well in gardens with a rock base as the pebbles tend to absorb heat from the sun and raise the temperature in the area.