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The Pros And Cons Of Buying An Expandable Garden Hose
If you’re frustrated with your traditional or retractable hose’s lack of flexibility and hefty weight, then an expandable hose might be just what you need.
An expandable hose coils like a snake until it’s filled with water. Then, it will expand to double or triple its size and recoil again on its own once the water pressure subsides.
These capabilities are possible due to the lightweight and flexible material that the hose is made of. The flexibility means no kinks and the lighter weight makes it easy to carry.
Expandable hoses have two layers: inner tubing and a protective exterior. The inner tubing is made from latex or thermoplastic copolyester, both of which are very elastic.
The hose’s outer layer consists of nylon or polyester, both of which protect against rocks, sticks, concrete, and anything else that can tear through the inner tubing.
For example, a 30-foot hose can reach 90 feet when filled with water and stretched out. Turn the water off, and the hose returns to its original size of 30 feet.
Since expandable hoses take up less room and contain latex and TPC that’s five times lighter than a rubber hose, the storage process becomes much faster and easier.
On the downside, major damage may happen (though it is rare) if you get an expandable hose made from cheaply produced materials.
You should also reconsider investing in an expandable hose if your home experiences poor water pressure as this tool requires good pressure in order to expand and work properly.