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The Pros And Cons Of Installing Hardwood Floor Over Laminate
Laminate floors are durable and long-lasting, making laying your hardwood on top of them easy. While it's possible, you must be careful of your steps.
Laying hardwood on top saves time and money compared to removing the existing flooring and leveling it out. It makes the installation of click-in-place hardwood much easier.
However, it may not be ideal if you have a floating floor. The subfloor must be rock-solid, and the existing floor pieces must be secured properly.
Installing hardwood on top of laminate raises the height of the floor, which is problematic if it creates a tripping hazard or creates difficulty opening doors and cabinets.
Remove the laminate if it has holes, has caked-on debris or sticky substances, or is otherwise in bad condition. Covering issues like water damage or mold could worsen the problem.