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The Pros And Cons Of Installing Onyx Countertops In Your Kitchen
Onyx is a unique stone that stands out when used in your kitchen or bathroom countertops. With multiple layers of colors, it has a distinctive look and makes a statement.
The aesthetics of the stone can be versatile enough for a bathroom focused on luxury and relaxation or in the kitchen when you want a modern, showstopping space to entertain.
Often thought to be black, onyx also comes in browns, reds, and greens. It's also a translucent stone, which gives it a bit of shine and depth when polished.
Though it requires some maintenance, onyx is quite endurable and can last about a century. It's also a lighter stone than marble or granite and might be easier to install.
Onyx does have some drawbacks, however. It's a soft stone, but it can be supported with a mesh backing, and sealing the surface will help protect it from stains and scratches.
Since it's considered somewhat rare, onyx is a pricier stone. It ranges from $40 to $250 per square foot, with at least $75 per square foot likely.