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The Pros And Cons Of Investing In A Home Depot Tiny Home
Home Depot offers affordable tiny home kits for less than $44,000, but some prospective homeowners have wondered whether these pre-fabricated houses are worth the investment.
The company's tiny home kits, like the larger 620 square-foot "Getaway Pad," can be worth the cost because they take the stress out of designing and building your own space.
These buildings are designed to be durable, and many are made from pre-assembled steel panels that are termite-resistant and shrink-proof.
You can join these panels quickly to form the main structure or use Home Depot's installation services. These kits are a great investment for single residents and couples.
However, tiny homes have some drawbacks, as they require building permits in most cities and must be built to code before anyone can move in.
Home Depot's tiny homes don't come with any standard comforts of home, such as windows, doors, plumbing, and electricity, and will need to be purchased separately.
The majority of Home Depot's kits must be erected on a concrete slab foundation, which will cost the builder about another $4 per square foot.
Unlike mobile homes, builders may have a more challenging time reselling or relocating them when they decide to move or upgrade to a larger home.