Bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide
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The Pros And Cons Of Using Hydrogen Peroxide To Banish Cockroaches
Taking care of a cockroach infestation is annoying, and some people have turned to the idea of using hydrogen peroxide. However, this hack may not work in certain conditions.
While spraying or pouring a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution on these bugs may harm them, the Centers for Disease Control hasn’t confirmed the germ-killer is effective on roaches.
Spraying it directly onto the roach is your best bet to get rid of them, but that can be difficult since they tend to stay in the darkest and most undisturbed spots in your home.
Hydrogen peroxide can’t deal with the many dozens of eggs roaches lay each year. Under the right conditions, the eggs can go from nymph to adult in weeks, continuing the cycle.
Target both adult roaches and their eggs by pairing this spray with poisoned bait stations. Roaches will take this bait back to share, killing all of the other roaches at the nest.