Screened-in porch with curtains
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The Pros And Cons Of
Using Shower Curtains To Winterize
Your Patio
If you enjoy spending time sitting out on your patio, but find it harder to do during the cold winter, consider temporarily winterizing your space by using clear shower curtains.
Hanging up clear shower curtains can be an inexpensive, DIY method of keeping your patio warm and safe from winter weather while still allowing sunlight to come through.
Although clear shower curtains allow you to keep enjoying the view, you can also use patterned or solid-colored curtains for a completely different effect.
However, the space can get stuffy, especially if you put a small heater in there. This method also doesn’t completely seal your patio, so some snow and rain may still get in.
Measure the length of each open side that you plan on enclosing, as well as the height of the ceiling to the floor. Cut some cord a foot longer than the perimeter of your porch.
Screw eye hooks to the inside corner of your patio’s overhang, adding more along the perimeter for extra support. Thread the cord through each screw and tie the ends securely.
Add the curtains to the line. For extra weather protection, attach Velcro strips to the bottoms and sides of each curtain, and connect them to the patio and one another.