Ugly predatory rat ready to storm the fridge.
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The Pros And Cons Of Using Toilet Cakes To Keep Rats Out Of Your Home
Addressing a rat infestation can prompt unique solutions, like toilet cakes. Experts suggest their potential effectiveness, but there are also downsides to using this solution.
Toilet cakes are mainly made from paradichlorobenzene (PDCB). Research revealed PDCB's effectiveness as a repellent against rats because of its deodorizing and toxic properties.
In high doses, toilet cakes may pose risks to humans as they can cause symptoms like nausea and skin irritation. It's imperative to use caution when handling them.
To tackle rats' nests, first identify their entry points. Then find their nesting habits to place toilet cakes near nests or travel paths, enhancing their effectiveness.
If the task seems daunting or rat issues persist, seek professional help. They can offer tailored solutions, ensuring a comprehensive and safe approach to eradicating rodents.