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The PVC Pipe DIY That Can Keep Pests Far Away From Your Garden
Prevent pests from invading your garden and damaging your plants by repurposing extra PVC pipes with a little DIY handiwork to create a barrier with some netting.
Simply place PVC pipes in the corners and the center of your growing space and drape vine mesh netting over it. You can also build a hoop that opens and closes for easier access.
Alternatively, create a tunnel with the pipes to drape the netting over. Place a pipe in the ground on the edge of your growing space, then hammer it into the ground.
Next, bend it onto the other side of your garden so the pipe has a curved U shape. Secure the other side into the ground, then drape and attach the netting over the pipes.
You can also use corner pieces to join a few pipes to create a boxy frame. With three pipes and two corner pieces, you can create a center pipe to drape netting over in an A-frame.