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The PVC Pipe DIY You
Should Use
For Organized Closet Storage
If you're dealing with a cluttered closet, a simple DIY project involving PVC pipe can help you store small items neatly, making everything more accessible and easier to find.
To make your closet drawer organizers, you'll need a saw, sandpaper, PVC or super glue, and a 3-inch diameter PVC pipe. You may want to get spray paint in your preferred color too.
Start by cutting the PVC pipe into cylindrical sections shorter than the height of your drawer. Smooth the sharp edges with sandpaper, and place the dividers into your drawer.
This storage solution is highly customizable, allowing you to select pipes of different sizes for various storage needs and paint them in colors that match your closet's aesthetic.
Glue the dividers together for a permanent setup, or keep them separate for flexibility. Stack your rolled underwear, socks, or other items into the pipes, and you're finished.