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The Quick Spray Paint Can Fix That Prevents Any Waste
The best way to fix a blocked nozzle in a spray paint can so it won’t go to waste is by removing the blocked nozzle and replacing it with a clear one from another spray
paint can.
Your replacement nozzle doesn’t even have to be from a can of spray paint, as the tip of WD-40 cans will work fine. Just make sure the nozzle is compatible with your can.
You can also use paint thinner to unclog the nozzle, however you may need to use an air compressor. Try it only if you have an air compressor; otherwise, you'll spend more money.
Pour paint thinner into a container, soak the blocked cap for a few minutes, then remove it and use a pin to clear the nozzle. It can also be soaked in white vinegar or alcohol.
Set your air compressor to 120 psi, remove the nozzle, and place the attachment into the straw. Let it fill for a few seconds and then put the nozzle back on.
To prevent the spray paint from clogging again, once you're done painting your project, hold the bottle upside down and press the nozzle until the paint is no longer spraying out.
Inverting the bottle and pressing the nozzle lets the aerosol clear out the straw and nozzle so the paint can't dry and cause a blockage. You can then reuse it and not waste paint.