Actress Brie Larson
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The Rare
And Practical Kitchen Backsplash Brie Larson Has At Home
Instead of a typical tile or stone backsplash, actress Brie Larson has a cast-iron fireback with a design that showcases a replica of Sandro Botticelli’s "The Birth of Venus."
Cast-iron firebacks were used to absorb excess heat in fireplaces in the 15th century. They are now used as decorative pieces in kitchens to prevent heat damage and food splatters.
Larson made sure the rest of her kitchen was consistent with her backsplash. She has warm, medium-toned wood in her cabinets and on her ceiling, with wooden panels and beams.
The cream walls have a subtle texture, which provides the room with a unique appearance. The pendant over her island is rustic and metal, to add in another natural element.
She chose a dark countertop material to match the black cast-iron fireplace, and for an orderly appearance, made sure the piece was centered beneath the large vent hood.
A metal pot filler next to the fireback gives her old space a modern look. Her design successfully blends old and new components, giving the space an upscale and elegant aspect.