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The Real Reason Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Ended
While "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" once garnered massive amounts of viewers every week, it quickly saw a steep drop in ratings. Perhaps it was the fault of the network for changing its airing time, or perhaps it was due to the controversy surrounding the negative impact it had on the families it “helped.”
While it was heartwarming to see the families’ reactions to their gorgeous new homes, filled with every amenity and luxury the designers saw fit, it was not long after shouting "Move that bus!" that the fiscal reality set in. With the new luxuries came a sharp increase in taxes, bills, and upkeep costs.
Take the Harvey family, for example, whose 4,289-square-foot house went into foreclosure and was auctioned off just six years after the show. The Harveys only received the house from the show, not any financial assistance or money, leading to the eventual problems.
This is not an isolated occurrence, either, as plenty of families faced negative consequences from remodels, raised utility bills, foreclosures, and more. Loren Ruch, HGTV’s production and development VP, has addressed this issue for their reboot, saying it will focus on "celebrating families rather than exploiting situations […] we want to make sure we help their lives long after 'Extreme Makeover.'"