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The Real Reason HGTV Fans Don't Like No
Demo Reno
HGTV’s “No Demo Reno” debuted in March 2021, hot on the heels of host and interior designer Jennifer Todryk's social media career, and has since seen quite a bit of success. However, some fans have voiced their concerns and displeasure with parts of the show, making Season 2’s success less guaranteed.
Based on the name “No Demo Reno,” fans assumed the show included home renovations with no demolition and were understandably confused by the demolition projects featured in every episode. Most viewers blame network rules for this misunderstanding rather than Todryk, but it has left a mark on the show regardless.
Todryk has become known as the quirky and outgoing “Rambling Redhead” on Instagram and Facebook, and many of her followers had hoped that this would translate well on TV. However, when the show premiered, longtime fans noticed that Todryk’s dialogue seemed forced, with some suspecting the show to be scripted.