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The Right Laundry Settings For Getting Dirty Underwear Clean Again
Underwear tends to accumulate a lot of sweat and bodily fluids since it’s in constant contact with the skin. It's crucial to wash them correctly to ensure cleanliness and hygiene.
The ideal method is to use hot water, as it kills bacteria and removes stubborn stains. Also, consider washing your underwear separately so that you can use the setting required.
However, if you only have a few articles to clean, hand-washing is a great alternative. Not only does it save energy, but it can also help cut down on your utility bills.
To hand-wash your underwear, start by pretreating any major stains. Then, fill a sink with warm or hot water and a bit of detergent, and let your undergarments soak
for a while.
Afterward, wash the underwear gently, rinse in cold water, and carefully squeeze out the excess water. For the best results, air drying or using a clothesline is recommended.