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The Right Way To Dispose Of Cooking Oil
Cleaning up once you’ve finished cooking can be a hassle, and while you may be tempted to pour cooking oil down the drain, this can clog your pipes. Disposing of cooking oil incorrectly can also lead to fruit flies and gnats, so here is the proper way to get rid of cooking oil without causing any harm to your home or the environment.
The most effective way for getting rid of cooking oil is putting it in a closed container like a ziplock bag or old mason jar. Make sure your cooking oil cools down completely or freeze it before you throw it away to avoid hot oil leaking out of the bag or jar.
If you want to reuse cooking oil, let it cool down, then pour the oil through a strainer to remove the remaining food particles, and store it in a glass jar. The oil will last no more than three to four weeks, and you can keep it in your kitchen cabinet at room temperature or in the refrigerator.