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The Right Way To Dispose Of Nail Polish
Nail polish is a highly flammable substance because of its acetone base, so the EPA classifies it as Household Hazardous Waste (HHW), meaning it is dangerous to throw in the trash can or dump down the sink. Instead, you should locate the nearest HHW disposal facility and ask about bringing in your old bottles.
If you're having trouble, you can use the Earth911 Recycling Search, which finds facilities close to you that accept different types of hazardous waste. Many HHW facilities only consider items from residents, so be sure to confirm your eligibility, but they will likely be able to point you towards the correct location regardless.
While it's vital to dispose of hazardous waste safely, we should also try to minimize waste whenever possible. If you're getting rid of your nail polish just because you're no longer fond of the color, consider gifting it to a friend or using it to color-code your belongings.