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The Savory Herb That's Related To
Mint But Won't Take Over
Your Garden
Many chefs love using mint in various recipes, but there’s a related, more obscure herb that’s perfect for growing in your backyard garden and adding to dishes: summer savory.
Summer savory, a major part of the “Herbes de Provence” blend, has a pepper-like flavor profile, including a bit of heat. It pairs well with basil and other Mediterranean herbs.
Unlike mint, it requires only about 2 feet to grow and won’t spread far, making it a good choice as a potted plant. It also blooms ample flowers, which can attract pollinators.
Summer savory is easy to grow in USDA zones 1 through 11. It needs rich, well-drained soil; moderate watering; and at least six hours of direct light via the sun or a grow light.
Savory grows well from seeds and can be transplanted outside or into a pot after the final frost. Routinely trim the herb to encourage growth, and use it fresh or dried in dishes.