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The Savvy Dollar Tree DIY That Gives You Extra Bathroom Storage
Before you buy expensive shelves to stash your toiletries, consider this affordable hack from TikToker @hometalk that gives you extra storage using only a few Dollar Tree items.
You’ll only need a Dollar Tree paper towel holder, two wire baskets, zip ties, glue, and spray paint, and the result will be a custom, stylish storage solution for less than $20.
First, grab a pair of wire cutters or pliers and make an oval-shaped opening in the middle of each wire basket's bottom large enough for your paper towel holder to slide through.
The first basket sits flush against the holder's base. Then, attach a zip tie midway on either side of the towel rack, trimming the edges, so the second basket doesn’t slide down.
Glue your second basket in place and use Rust-Oleum metallic spray paint for a gold finish. The glue cures in about 72 hours, and the spray paint can take up to eight hours to dry.