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The Secret To Getting Lumber At Rock-Bottom Prices At Home Depot
With prices on everything through the roof, many people are looking for ways to save money, especially on expensive items like lumber. It is suggested to hold off on buying lumber right now as the prices are so high, but if it is a necessity for you, there are a few secrets to getting lumber at a low price at The Home Depot.
Cull lumber is scrap wood cut off from other pieces of lumber, and as The Home Depot cuts wood specific to buyers’ needs, any leftover pieces go into the cull lumber pile. Damaged pieces also go into the pile, and while specific types and sizes may be hard to find, it’s worth checking out as wood in this pile can be up to 70% off.
Sometimes damaged lumber can be found outside of the cull pile, so it’s important to thoroughly check your wood before purchasing. Larger and nondimensional boards are more likely to be warped or damaged, and sizes such as 2x4s or 2x8s are known to have the most damage.