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The Secretive Place You Should Be Storing Your TV Remote
Since TV remote storage can greatly impact the look, functionality, and flow of your living room, designating a spot for it will ensure that it’s always there when you need it.
The best place to secure your TV remote is under a table that has a lip that you can easily reach — and all you need are some adhesive-backed hook and loop strips, aka Velcro.
First, place one side of the Velcro strip underneath your table, then attach the other side to your remote and simply press the two sides together.
The Velcro allows you to remove the clicker when you need it and return it when you're done, that way it's hidden underneath the table and doesn't get lost or make your room messy.
For something stronger, try a magnetic mount, which comes with two pieces — one you stick under your table, the other to the back of your remote — much like the Velcro hack.
You can also opt for a plastic caddy that holds multiple clickers at once. These can be mounted with adhesive on the side of your table or affixed to the wall alongside your couch.