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The Simple DIY That Makes Weeding Your Lawn Quick
& Easy
Weeding is a tedious but crucial part of growing a healthy garden, but you can make this chore a lot easier by creating a simple wire tool that quickly removes surface-level weeds.
You'll need thick wire that’s flexible enough to mold without losing its shape too easily. The wire handle from a standard plastic bucket works well, or you can use a coat hanger.
The cost of this DIY is negligible, and you only need basic tools to shape the wire, including a hammer; a surface to hammer against, like an anvil or a mallet; a file; and pliers.
If you're using sturdy wire like a bucket handle, you can create a simple hook or L-shaped tool. If your wire is thinner or more flexible, a hoop shape will stabilize the tool.
With pliers, bend a small section of wire for the weeding part, and the rest will be the handle. The length and angle depend on the shape of the plants and the space between them.
Next, hammer the weeding part of the wire to flatten it and create an edge, then file it sharp. This is the part you’ll use to cut and dislodge weeds from the surface of the soil.
Wire weeder tools like these are very effective for regularly removing thread stage, surface level, annual weeds from recently germinated seedlings, without damaging your plants.