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The Simple Dollar Tree DIY For Hanging Storage You Can Customize
If you're on a tight budget but still want to add a hanging shelf to your room's decor, you can easily DIY a miniature version using a few inexpensive Dollar Tree products.
Start by picking up a set of Crafter's square wood trays with handles, which retail for $1.25, from Dollar Tree's arts and crafts aisle. Each tray is about 7.5 inches long.
You can also go for a bigger shelf using the large wood tray, which costs $5 and measures 15 inches long. Just ensure the tray has handles, as that's where you'll loop your rope.
For your rope, choose the Floral Garden cotton nautical rope, which is $1.25. Cut the rope to the length you want, loop it through the handles, and twist the ends around itself.
Apply hot glue before each twist so the rope securely adheres to itself, and add an extra layer of glue over the ends to ensure the rope fibers don't unravel.
Do this to each side of the tray, then glue the rope to the tray handle so the tray doesn't tip or sway. Suspend it from a nail or a decorative 3-pound Command Hook.
You can leave the tray as is for a rustic look or stain or paint it to match the room's decor. You can also thread wooden beads through the rope to give it a bohemian twist.