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The Simple Hairspray Hack For Preserving Your Hydrangeas
Hydrangeas are one of the most aesthetically pleasing flowers to keep around your house, and their aroma can create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere in any room.
These flowers usually last for up to nine days and begin to lose their freshness around day 5. To keep them around for a little longer, just use some hairspray.
Cut off the ends of each flower's stem, as you do with any floral arrangement, then spray the blooms with hairspray, holding the nozzle a couple of inches from the petals.
If you apply the spray too closely, you could harm the flowers more than help them, and the hairspray can also cause the petals to droop if you use too much.
Once you've covered the entire bouquet, hang the flowers upside down for good air flow until the hairspray dries. Then, place the blooms in a vase with water.
Hairspray will act as a shield and keep your hydrangeas' petals looking more lively for longer. Variants such as placement, temperature, and light can still affect their longevity.
Keep the flowers in a case filled three-quarters of the way with water, in a cool environment. You can reapply the spray once every two or three days to keep them perky.